Top 50 Best Research Universities (2017)
Many people don’t know that some of the famous inventions are due to these best research universities in the world. In fact we advanced in the field of technology and medical due to such research universities. But sadly not everyone opt for research and also the funding of research universities is not as high as… (0 comment)

Top 50 Best Books of 2016
Stumbling across this list of best books of 2016 I found one common point among them. That was how much our society has changed in recent times. Most of them put strong ideologies against global problems such as terrorism and our faith in humanity. The cinema is movie more and more toward the fictional world… (0 comment)

14 Popular Myths and Common Misconceptions
There are many popular myths and legends that people believe to be true. Here we debunk 14 most common misconceptions and popular myths. Little Finger once said Knowledge is Power. With this power one can rule Kingdoms and on a minor scale can debunks popular myths and common misconceptions. Each civilizations and generation has its… (0 comment)

10 Egyptian Pyramid Facts that Will Make you Question Their Existence
How many ancient Egyptian pyramid facts do you know about? Here are top 10 interesting Egyptian pyramid, sphinx and mummy facts. Pyramids are mystical structures. None other human made structure has gained such popularity and curiosity as the pyramids. While most people link Pyramids with the Great Pyramids of Egypt but you might be surprised… (1 comment)

Top 100 Best Engineering Colleges in India
This list of Best Engineering Colleges in India ranks the top most colleges of engineering and technology in our country. One thing that ‘3 Idiots’ taught us is that as soon as a child is born in India, his/her career is already chosen by the parents. This trend will continue for next 50 or 60… (0 comment)

Top 100 Best Selling Books Of All Time
Take a look on the best selling books of all time. The books listed here are of all genres ranging from fiction to non-fiction high fantasy novels. This list of best-selling books is based on reliable sources. We did not include any religious book in the list. Even though Quran and Bible are one of… (1 comment)

Top 100 Best Universities in the World (2017)
Check out which university is placed among the best universities in the world. These are the 100 best universities in the world ranked on the basis of education quality and placement performance. The Education Sector is on rise since the past 3 centuries. It’s a good thing for the collective progress of humanity and science.… (0 comment)