Top 50 Sad Depressing Songs (2017)
There are many sad depressing songs that will make you cry every time you hear them. However here we will promote only those sad songs that will actually help you to cope bad mood and make you feel better. Instead of focusing on just one sub-genre we decided to choose sad songs about love, sad… (0 comment)

Top 50 Best Book Characters EVER (2017)
When people talk about the best book characters they often drag the name of superheroes in it. But In my opinion Superheroes should not be included in any list of best book characters because they are entirely of different genre (and non-human). Another thing is that superheroes are already so much popular in mass media… (0 comment)

Top 50 Most Meaningful Songs 2017
There was a time when the radio was full of meaningful songs. Have you ever come across a song recently that has a deeper meaning that you are unable to understand? So you listen to it again and again to understand the true meaning of its lyrics. In fact it’s the opposite. You are tortured… (0 comment)