Top 100 Best Male Singers Of All Time
Do you think current best male singers stand any chance in front of the greatest male singers of all time? I don’t think there is any replacement of Freddie Mercury, Sam Cooke or Elvis Presley. The male singing scenario is ever competitive and demanding. The music industry was dominated by male singers once and there… (12 comments)

Top 100 Best PC Games Of All Time
Unlike Console games, PC games are played by a wide range of players. That is why it is hard to determine the very best pc games of all time. We here gave it a try by compiling top pc games of various genres (strategy,rpg,shooter and racing). Remember the time when there were big ugly gaming… (0 comment)

Top 100 Best PS2 Games Of All Time
Even though Playstation 2 is old age console yet we bet there are dozens of best ps2 games you never played. Here are the top playstation 2 games of genres like shooting, racing, fighting and rpg. Greatest ps2 Games Whenever the history of gaming console is discussed the 128 Bit era or more conventionally called… (0 comment)

Top 100 Best PS3 Games Of All Time
Playstation 3 has improved the rpg games. Here we list the very best ps3 games of all time. It includes top playstation 3 games of all genres. Sony’s Playstation 3 may not have touched the height of success as Playstation 2 did but it is still way ahead of its competitors including Nintendo’s Wii and… (0 comment)

Top 100 Greatest Bands Of All Time
This list of greatest bands of all time includes all kind of bands from rock bands, punk bands, metal bands to indie bands, alternative bands and country bands. The term band has many meanings but in music it refers to a group of people who are playing musical instruments and vocals. So by this definition… (0 comment)

Top 100 Greatest Metal Bands Ever
What are the best metal bands of all time? Here is the list of 100 greatest metal bands ever from the good old 70s to the present time. Probably no genre in music is followed with such dedication and love as Metal. Of course there is rock music and hip hop too with larger fan… (0 comment)

Top 100 Most Liked Facebook Pages (2017)
Ever Wondered who has the most likes on Facebook in 2017? Here is list of most liked facebook pages. This list of famous facebook fan pages is updated on a monthly basis. Facebook has become more of a popularity meter than of a social networking website. One can easily say that Mark Zuckerberg has invented… (0 comment)

Top 114 Best PSP Games Of All Time
What are the best PSP games of all time? This list of best PSP games includes best selling psp games, best psp rpg games and best psp sprts games. Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) was a revolution in gaming sector. PSP was a handheld gaming console which was released in 2004 and gave a tough competition… (0 comment)