Top 50 Most Famous Feminists 2017
There have been many famous feminists in history who have advocated for gender equality. There is no denying of the fact that women are treated as secondary beings in many parts of the world. In fact there are many countries that even prohibit women from voting or getting education. From time to time many famous… (0 comment)

Top 50 Best Crossfit Girls 2017
You will be surprised to know that Crossfit has found immense popularity among women too. There are many crossfit girls active online who not only impress from their physique and health but also motivate other woman around the globe to try the tough regime of Crossfit. The Crossfit regimen was introduced by Gregg Glassman less… (0 comment)

Top 65 Most Famous People Ever (2017 Edition)
Google releases a list of Most famous people in the world annually. But Who are the most famous people of all time? Here are 65 most famous people of history. When you look up for the list of most famous people, then google often shows most searched celebrities. The most searched people are different from… (5 comments)

Top 30 Worst Serial Killers (2017)
The worst thing about serial killers is that most of them kill people just to get famous. Here we have listed 30 most famous serial killers of all time. It really disturbs an innocent mind to realize that this world is inhabited by evil serial killers and murderers whose main motive is to enjoy other’s… (0 comment)

Top 100 Richest People In World (2017)
Who is the richest man in the world in 2017? Here is the list of 100 richest people who gained enormous wealth in various sectors of entertainment, technology and business. It is the dream of probably every single person on earth. Everyone wants to be the rich and many wants to be counted among the… (1 comment)

Top 40 Most Hated People In the World (2017)
This of Most hated people might not be accepted by all but the people included in this list were selected and ranked through an online poll. When it comes to find the most hated person in the history then we take names of people like Adolf Hitler and Musollini. Do you know who the most… (0 comment)

Top 100 Best Rappers (2017)
This list of best rappers of all time not online include best underground rappers but also rank best current rappers. Here are 100 greatest rappers ever (updated in 2017). Rapping or MCing is the music of today. Once it was considered as low level rhythms and nonsensical lyrics of street culture. But since the late… (1 comment)

Top 50 Best Female Fitness Models in 2017
This list of best female fitness models will help you to achieve your fitness goals. One common New Year resolution is to have a better fitness with a proper workout and diet. Let’s be honest that it is easier for boys and men to find an ideal fitness trainer and model as compared to girls.… (0 comment)