Top 30 Greatest Cricketers of All Time

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Sachin Tendulkar is obviously one of the most loved cricketers of all time. He is cited by many as one of the greatest cricketers ever. Here is list of 30 best cricketers in the world.

The most intense and most debated question in south Asian countries is not related to technology and nuclear power but to cricket. Cricket is treated like a religion in sub continent. The Indian sub continent might be divided on the basis of caste and religion but cricket unifies them all.

So the most asked and most debated question is that who is the greatest Cricketer of all time? Cricket has been in existence since mid 19th century but while other games of 19th century (Baseball,Football, Basketball and Tennis) expanded all over the world, cricket is still played by less than dozen countries. Yes there are as many as 16 nations who play during ODI world cup but there are only 10 nations that play test cricket.

Have a look on 30 greatest Cricketers of all time:

Greatest Cricketers in the world

30. Virat Kohli
Greatest Cricketers
Yes the modern wonder Boy has done enough already to be included in the list of greatest cricketers of all time. Virat has chased down most unimaginable targets and that too in a manner that it made batting look ridiculously easy. Many are expecting that Virat will break all the records of Sachin and Lara in world cricket. Raise your expectations guys because Virat performs better under pressure.
29. AB Devilliers
Greatest Cricketers
AB Devilliers in many ways is one #ell of a cricketer. He plays unimaginable shots and can score against any team and against any target. ABD tops Virat only because Virat is a perfect text book cricketer but ABD has invented many new shots in the world cricket.
28. Anil Kumble
Greatest Cricketers
Anil Kumble is not only a great cricketer but a true inspiration as well. The man holds degree in Mechanical Engineering and still managed to play to the national level and become a legend. Anil took all 10 wickets against arch rival Pakistan in 1999. It was a feat that is only achieved by two bowlers and it is next to impossible to achieve. He is known for his tough attitude.
27. Sanath Jayasuriya
Greatest Cricketers
Jayasuriya was one of the fiercest openers in the world. In the era of test cricketers Sanath was theone who truly adapted the one day form and maintained his strike rate on the high side. He played more than 450 ODI and in his long career he broke many cricket records.
26. Saurav Ganguly
Greatest Cricketers
Saurav Ganguly was the one who paved way for the new generation cricketers that included Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Virender Sehwag. Saurav was a hard hitting opened who scored 22 tons in ODI.
25. Mahela Jayawardene
Greatest Cricketers
Jayawardene was one of the calmest batsmen in world cricket. He took Sri Lankan cricket to the new heights. Mahela broke many records in cricket but it was his gesture on and off ground that made him a true legend.
24. Clive Loyd
Greatest Cricketers
West Indian Captain Clive Lloyd may not ring a bell to modern cricket fans but back in 70s he was a legend. He took West Indies to the final in first three cricket world cups in 1975, 1979 and 1983 and won on two occasions. Only if it wasn’t Kapil dev’s Indian cricket team in 1983 then Clive would surely have become a captain to make hat trick of world cup wins.
23. Sunil Gavaskar
Greatest Cricketers
Sunil gavaskar was the batting legend who paved way for young batsman such as Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli in coming years. He was the first batsman to touch the 10,000 runs mark in world cricket. Also he held the records for most centuries in world cricket until it was broken by Sachin Tendulkar.
22. Ian Botham
Greatest Cricketers
Ian Botham is ICC hall of fame cricketer. He was among the favourites during the Ashes series in 1980s. Ian botham is even knighted by Queen Elizabeth herself.
21. Inzamam Ul Haq
Greatest Cricketers
It was once said that Inzamam’s placement is so perfect that he has never had hard time in finding gap between fielders. If his career was not over shadowed by funny run outs then he would surely have posed a serious threat to top run scorers in world cricket.
20. Shaun Pollock
Greatest Cricketers
Shaun Pollock’s wicket to wicket bowling is perfect example of how a bowler should bowl. Shaun took South African cricket to next level. Even though the ban on cricket in South Africa lifted in 1992 yet in such short span of time the SA team become one of the most dominating at yet one of the most lovable team. Shaun was one among the legends who took SA cricket to the top.
19. Glenn Mcgrath
Greatest Cricketers
An unsaid rule in cricket book is that a bowler needs to aggressive. However Glenn Mcgrath never followed this rule. He was a calm and composed bowler who focused more on his bowling instead of creating controversies. Mcgrath took hundreds of match changing wicket in his career and this is why he is called as one of the greatest bowler ever.
18. Adam Gilchrist
Greatest Cricketers
Adam Gilchrist was the true gentleman of cricket. He showed this on various occasions. However it was not just his admirable attitude toward cricket but also his amazing performance on the field that put him on the list of greatest cricketer ever. He is often called as one of the finest opener ever.
17. Steve Waugh
Greatest Cricketers
Steve Waugh had a great sense of cricket and this is why he is sighted as one of the greatest captain of cricket. Steve Waugh was a great batsman as well.
16. Dennis Lillee
Greatest Cricketers
Dennis Lillee may have retired from cricket a long time ago but no one can deny his contribution in the modern cricket. Dennis coached many brilliant young bowlers and he is surely among the greatest cricketers of all time.
15. Wasim Akram
Greatest Cricketers
Wasim Aksram the Sultan of Swing showed the world how fierce a bowler could be. He turned out to be one of the greatest match changing bowlers ever played. Wasim led the generation of pace bowlers which included Waqar Younis, Shoaib Akhtar, Bret Lee, Glenn Mcgrath, Steve Harminson and Shaun Pollock.
14. Shane Warne
Greatest Cricketers
Shane warne’s life outside cricket ground has been controversial but the man has always performed on ground. Who can forget Shane warne’s 1992 ball of the century on which he got English batsman Mike Getting out. He is among the highest wicket takers in the world.
13. Imran Khan
Greatest Cricketers
Imran Khan was the one who took upon himself the millions of hopes of Pakistani cricket fans and gave the country its first and only world cup win. Not only he was good batsman but also a great swing bowler. His captaincy taught a lot of things to newbies.
12. Kumar Sangakara
Greatest Cricketers
It was a Sad Moment when Sangakara lost his last match against South Africa in World Cup 2015. It was his dream to win World cup for his country. Sangkara was the best wicket keeper in the world. I really wished that this great cricketer had won world cup.
11. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Greatest Cricketers
Many critics give credit to Dhoni’s LUCK for his golden career but we think that Dhoni deserve all the respect and love for his contribution to Indian cricket. The man has achieved almost everything a captain and a wicketkeeper could imagine. His tactics are out of box and they work almost every time. Any cricketer could easily envy from the success of Dhoni.
10. Muttiah Muralitharan
Greatest Cricketers
Cricket is often criticized for giving less exposure and even lesser opportunities to bowlers. Flat Pitches, Smaller grounds and fielding rules indicates that it is no game for bowlers. But still there was a champion bowler who took more than 1300 wickets in his career. His name was Muralitharan and if Bradman and Sachin are legends in Batting then he is of course legend in Bowling.
9. Jacques Kallis
Greatest Cricketers
Jacques Kallis is a shining star in the diamonds of Cricket. The man can swing the ball on both sides and take wickets and when it comes to batting he can chase any score and beat down any bowler. He is arguably the greatest all rounder in world cricket.
8. Ricky Ponting
Greatest Cricketers
Ricky Ponting was not only one of the best batsmen in the world but also one of the finest captain the world has ever seen. It was under his captaincy that Australia won two cricket world cups and also remained on the number one spot in test and one day cricket for a long time. Also who can forget his magical innings against India in World Cup Final 2003.
7. Kapil Dev
Greatest Cricketers
India’s Golden Boy Kapil dev should be credited for popularising Cricket in India. It was under his captaincy that India won its first world cup in 1983 and inspired upcoming cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
6. Brian Lara
Greatest Cricketers
There was no competition of Brian Lara in Test Cricket. He played the magical innings of 400 (not out) against England in 2004. This record may never be broken.
5. Vivians Richard
Greatest Cricketers
After Don Bradman if there was any batsman who came close to that greatness and popularity in world cricket then it was Viv Richards. Many cricketers of Next Generation such as Sachin, Lara and Virender sehwag were compared to Viv Richards.
4. Gary Sobers
Greatest Cricketers
Gar Sobers played in an Era when West Indies dominated world cricket. He surely deserves the credit for this world class domination of Windies cricket team. Who can forget his six sixes?
3. Rahul Dravid
Greatest Cricketers
Rahul Dravid nicknamed as The Wall of India is the best textbook cricket you will ever see. Even though he retired from International cricket but it can not be denied that he had still left lot of cricket in him.
2. Sachin Tendulkar
Greatest Cricketers
Sachin Tendulkar is called as the God of Cricket. The little master of India owns dozens of record of cricket – Be it most runs in test cricket, most centuries in One day international and test cricket or be it most runs in ODIs. Sachin is the parameter of modern cricket.
1. Don Bradman
Greatest Cricketers
Every cricketer who shows some class and some serious talent is compared to Sir Don Bradman. That is the stature of Don Bradman in Cricket. He batted at an average of 99.96 in 1920s which is still unbeatable.

So who do you think is the greatest cricketer of all time? Did we miss any great cricketer? If so then let us know in comments.

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