Top 28 Greatest Leaders of All Time

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Most lists of greatest leaders includes just male leaders. We here made an unbiased list of greatest historical leaders that includes famous female leaders of history.

From time to time the human history has witnessed exceptional leaders and commanders who not only changed the world forever but left a legacy that inspired generations of come. Some of these leaders left positive and motivational impact on the world while many others just showed raw power. However no one can deny that both kinds of leaders actually changed the world.

Here are 28 greatest leaders of all time. You will find controversial dictators in the list but there is a reason to keep them here. Have a look on the greatest leaders ever list:

Greatest Leaders in history

28. Mother Teresa
Greatest Leaders
The one thing that Mother Teresa taught the world was selfless love. She died in 1997 and left a hole in the world. She inspired millions of people globally.
27. Mao Zedong
Greatest Leaders
Mao Zedong was born in 1893 and he is called as the founding father of republic of China. He was inspired from Marxist and Leninist theories, so he gave his own philosophy that is called as Maoism. He ruled china from 1945 to 1976.
26. Fidel Castro
Greatest Leaders
Even though Fidel Castro is a controversial figure in history but it cannot be denied that he had exceptional leadership skills. He led the Cuban revolution and was the ruler of country from 1959 to 2008 (until his death).
25. Swami Vivekananda
Greatest Leaders
You can understand the legacy of Swami Vivekananda by the fact that the reason Yoga is so popular in western world because of Swami. Vivekananda also popularized Hinduism in western world. His life is a source of inspiration and motivation.
24. Otto Von Bismarck
Greatest Leaders
Bismarck is recognized in history as the first chancellor of Germany but it cannot be denied that if it was not him then Germany would never have been a developed country as it is today. He was a conservative man.

23. Charlemagne
Greatest Leaders
The modern Europe that you see today was once just a dream of Charlemagne. He sat on the Frankish throne in 768 and under his rule he unified many countries of Europe. It included France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.
22. Elizabeth 1 Of England
Greatest Leaders
It is now well known fact that when Elizabeth 1 of England sat on throne the country was going through a huge economic and social depression. People were losing their trust in government. However Elizabeth 1 of England came out as an exceptional leader and took the country to new heights.
21. Joan of Arc
Greatest Leaders
The respect and love that Joan of Arc gained in 18 years of her life, other people can only dream of it. Joan of arc inspired the whole country of France during Lancastrian phase and her martyrdom only added to the utter love and respect that people have for her.
20. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Greatest Leaders
Mustafa led an exceptional inspirational life. He led the successful Turkish revolution and became the first president of Turkey. The modern turkey is all the vision of Mustafa Kemal.
19. Joseph Stalin
Greatest Leaders
Joseph stallin was the leader of Soviet Union and under his rule not just the Soviet Union but the whole world saw a huge change. Stallin inspired the space race in the 1940s and this helped man kind to enter the space.
18. William Wallace
Greatest Leaders
Thanks to Mel Gibson’s Oscar winning biopic Braveheart that William Wallace became a popular person again in modern world. He led the war of Scottish Independence and it is said that he was one of the most motivation leader during that era.
17. Che Guevara
Greatest Leaders
Che Guevara is probably the most popular and most recognized face in modern times. He is there on T shirts, Hoodies and so many fashion apparels. Yet only few people can actually tell who he was and what he did. Che led the Cuban revolution with Fidel Castro and became the poster boy of rebel and revolution in modern world. Even though he was killed in 1967 but he is stilled cited as an influential person.
16. Napoleon Bonaparte
Greatest Leaders
One running joke about Napoleon Bonaparte is that he was a short men and he was so ashamed of it that he never joined company of taller men. In fact all his high rank generals were selected on the basis of their height. This however is false fact. Napoleon was 5 feet 7 inch tall and that’s average height in modern world. He was born in 1769 and became Emperor of France in 1804. Under his rule of ten years he became one of the greatest commanders the world has ever seen. It was under his leadership that France spread to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and even to Russia.

15. Adolf Hitler
Greatest Leaders
Adolf Hitler may not be one of the most loved leaders of all time but you have to agree that he set very high leadership examples. From being the illegitimate child of Alois Hitler Sr. to be the most feared man in history, Hitler went through a long journey. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and the whole world knows what he did after that. He might be serving in darkest pit of Hell now but there was a time when the 5 feet 4 inch Hitler was the most feared man in whole world.
14. Augustus Caesar
Greatest Leaders
Augustus Caesar not only took revenge of his maternal Uncle Julius Caesar’s death but also became one of the greatest leaders in the roman history. The name of the eighth month ‘August’ is named after roman emperor Augustus.
13. BR Ambedkar
Greatest Leaders
Dr. Bhima rao Ambedkar was born in a lower caste in India. Due to caste system in India, he was deprived of all rights including education. But this didn’t let young Bhima down and he went on to become one of the most educated people in the country. He wrote the constitution of India and won Bharat ratna for this.
12. John F Kennedy
Greatest Leaders
John F Kennedy was president of USA for just 2 years but under his 2 years leadership USA advanced in the space race much ahead as compared to its arch rival soviet union. It was due to inspiration and motivation from JFK that US was successful in launching Apollo 11 to the moon and thus creating history.
11. Thomas Jefferson
Greatest Leaders
Thomas Jefferson was one of the founding fathers of America. He became the third president of United States in 1801 and under his 8 years leadership Thomas advanced America toward development. It was the vision of Thomas that led America to become one of the most ideal developed countries in the world.
10. Winston Churchill
Greatest Leaders
Sir Winston Churchill was such great leader that he was honoured by the queen herself for his services to the country. Sir Churchill was Prime Minister of United Kingdom and he was chosen twice for this duty. He led the country to advance technologies and was remembered for his motivational and inspirational leadership.
9. Franklin D Roosevelt
Greatest Leaders
Even though his personal life is often criticized but no one can deny the fact that he was among the greatest leaders of all time. Just like his fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt, franklin too was a great man. He was the second person from the Roosevelt family to become the president of United States. Franklin is remembered for his quality leadership during the time of war and economic depression during the 1930s. He was also one of the longest ruling presidents of United States.
8. Theodore Roosevelt
Greatest Leaders
Theodore Roosevelt was the 25th President of United states of America but he was not just known for this. Theodore was among the most loved president of United States. He was a decorated soldier, explorer and author. He was among the four presidents who were carved on the Mount Rushmore. He is often credited as the Man who progressed his country in the technology sector.
7. Julius Caesar
Greatest Leaders
Whenever the name Julius Caesar comes to mind, historian often accompany it with words like betrayed and murdered. Julius Caesar was betrayed by his loyal friend Brutus and other ministers of his court and was the victim of most notorious murder in the history. Julius is widely regarded as the greatest commander and greatest leader in the world who expanded his roman empire beyond beliefs.
6. George Washington
Greatest Leaders
It is said that George Washington was an honest person and he never lied in his life. Probably this was the quality that led him to rise in the ranks became one of the founding fathers of America and also the first president of INDEPENDENT United States. George successfully spread the nationalism among his countrymen and was the one who drafted United States Constitution. George was called as the father of nation and he is the man printed on the dollar bill of America.
5. Alexander the Great
Greatest Leaders
Have you ever heard his name without the word ‘Great’? How incomplete his name is without that word. He earned it and he is the one who truly deserves it. Alexander the great was the one true conqueror of the world and there was no one before him and no one after him was able to do this. It was his advance military strategies that he was able to expand his kingdom to almost all over the world.
4. Nelson Mandela
Greatest Leaders
When Mandela died in 2013 the whole world cried. The man was a gem, such rare gem that his loss can never be fulfilled. Mandela was in prison for 27 long years but stature kept on growing and he became one of the most popular leaders in the world. After he was released in 1990 he spend rest of his life in fighting for human rights and equality among races.
3. Martin Luther King Jr.
Greatest Leaders
Words cannot describe how great Martin Luther King Jr was. It was so sad that we loss such great leader at a very young age of 39. King was born to Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. and he had deep faith in Christianity and its principles of love, peace and equality. He also admired Mahatma Gandhi and was a follower of nonviolence. He set up an example of Nonviolence and peace and it is yet unmatched. King considered his father a great influence on him and we were more than lucky to have such a great leader come to our world and live an ideal life.

2. Abraham Lincoln
Greatest Leaders
Abraham Lincoln is probably the most respected person in the history. He the led the country in times when it was suffering from civil war and slavery was on its peak. Abraham took it upon himself to end them both and make all the states united and the country great. He was successful in his mission and we cannot thank him enough. If there was Not Abraham Lincoln there would have been no UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If there was no USA then there would be no space race, no tech race and we still would be living in either dictatorship or who knows may be in tribes.
1. Mahatma Gandhi
Greatest Leaders
There is a reason that Mahatma Gandhi is called as the father of nation of a country that has more than 1.3 billion inhabitants. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Born 1869) earned the title of Mahatma (Great Soul) because of his policies on non-violence and Peace. He fought against British rule without a gun and He won. This is no ordinary feat and he is considered as the man who led India to freedom. Of course no one can forget martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad and million others but Mahatma’s non-violent policies makes him great leader.

Who do you think is the greatest leader of all time and why?

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  • Augustus has done more to humanity, than any of these leaders combined, Then i think Putin has helped forge Russia when it was economically and integrally weakest to one of the greatest nations of all time.

  • When I look at mass leadership there is only 3 names comes on my mind.1alexander the great2mahatma gandhi n 3Hitler,so I choose Hitler the greatest leader of all time,reason he had nothing,self made person,started from zero n he did all shtts just tried to proof he or his country was not week.so his war strategies,generals was best n I feel so ‘whooooaw’ when I see that how his enemies in that days feared to listen of a one single name “hitler”.his skill of speeches was enough to proof that how ridiculously best leader he was..

  • 2names comes on my mind Hitler n Gandhi,these two had phenomenal strength of leadership BT huge difference between these two.one violence another nvio so whatever,these two are best leader of all time no body can beat him.

  • Hitler became a murderous psychotic, and Gandhi was a sane catalyst for peace. They were polar opposites; there is no authentic comparison. It’s an offense to humanity to group them together and to compare them in this way. History should not be taken so lightly.

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