Top 100 Most Beautiful Women All Time

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Who is the most beautiful women in the world? Who are among the most beautiful actresses? Here is list of 100 most attractive women of all time.

Scientifically, We are yet to find the most beautiful person. Yes, apparently there were few scientists who were working on the ‘Perfect Looking Face’ theory and they came up with stats that matched with no one in the real world. But then again, they were just looking for a perfect face and not for a beautiful person. The measure of beauty does not lies on physical appearance and attractiveness. It is a collective measure of overall personality of a person – Physically as well as mentally. This is why we have General Knowledge quiz round in Miss World and Miss Universe contests.

Historically there have been many beautiful women. Many believe that Cleopatra was the most beautiful women of her time. Many believe that Helen of Troy was amazingly beautiful and we can believe that cause after all there was a war just because of her beauty. However we can not add these women to our list of most beautiful women because we do not know have pictures of their physical appearance.

However we do have list of most beautiful women of our time. This list of most beautiful women was compiled by voting system and the lady who got most votes was placed on the first number. The women chosen here are sports personalities, athletes, models and actresses. Please note that these women were selected on the basis of various factors and not just physical beauty. True beauty lies in a person’s overall personality that includes general knowledge, social behavior and moral values.

Here is the list of most beautiful women of all time:

Most Beautiful Women Ever

100. Brooke Shields
Most Beautiful Women
99. Shakira
Most Beautiful Women
98. Olivia Wilde
Most Beautiful Women
97. Vivien Leigh
Most Beautiful Women
96. Lena Headey
Most Beautiful Women
95. Sharon Tate
Most Beautiful Women
94. Mila Kunis
Most Beautiful Women
93. Evangeline Lilly
Most Beautiful Women
92. Shania Twain
Most Beautiful Women
91. Sophie Marceau
Most Beautiful Women
90. Emma Watson
Most Beautiful Women
89. Hedy Lamarr
Most Beautiful Women
88. Carla Gugino
Most Beautiful Women
87. Drew Barrymore
Most Beautiful Women
86. Cheryl Cole
Most Beautiful Women
85. Meg Ryan
Most Beautiful Women
84. Janet Leigh
Most Beautiful Women
83. Britney Spears
Most Beautiful Women
82. Julia Roberts
Most Beautiful Women
81. Princess Diana
Most Beautiful Women

Comments (5)

  • For women:
    1. Grace Kelly
    2. Brigitte Bardot
    3. Jessica Biel

    For men:
    1. Alain Delon
    2. Brad Pitt
    3. Rock Hudson

  • My list goes….
    Monica Belucci
    Brigitte Bardot
    Sophia Loren
    Sophie Marceau
    Madhuri Dixit
    Charlize Theron
    Marilyn Monroe
    Cindy Crawford
    Scarlett Johansson
    Elizabeth Hurley

  • Phoebe Cates is my number one (sadly not even on this list!) with Selena Gomez at two, Shriya Saran at three (also not on this list!) and Ashley Judd at four (also not on this list!)!

  • Marilyn Monroe was a sexpot yes but in a trashy slutty sort of wayour. In my opinion Audrey Hepburn embodies beauty in a way no one else ever has; she was as close to perfect as we will ever witness.

  • i dont agree with that list at all…..
    jlaw ought to be first

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