Top 25 Most Dangerous Animals in The World

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What is the deadliest animal in the world? What are the most dangerous animals on earth? Here is list of 25 most aggressive animals that you should stay away from.

Every now and then we plan to travel around the globe and visit the beautiful places that Mother Nature has to offer. But with beauty come danger and many vacation spots (such as Africa and Australia) are inhabited by dangerous animals. We here have compiled a list of 25 deadliest animals around the world. Of course the deadly parameter of these animals in measured in terms of human lives they have claimed or the potential risk that they carry. So here are the 25 most dangerous animals in world:

Deadliest Animals in World

25. Hyenas
Most Dangerous Animals
Hyenas are known for preying on other’s victims. They do not hunt on their own. However if they are threatened (or if they are hungry) then they will not shy away of attacking their prey. They have sharp pointed teeth which makes them a good predator.
24. Leopard
Most Dangerous Animals
Leopard can swim, they can climb trees, they can run superfast and also they like to kill their prey its now looking. Doesn’t it make them one of the most dangerous predator on the planet? Leopards have known to develop human taste in past and they attack when they are hungry.
23. Brazilian Wandering Spider
Most Dangerous Animals
Brazilian Wandering spider gets the honour to be world’s most venomous spider. What makes them scarier is the fact that they are easily found in South America and Central America. They can be found hiding in the corners of the house or their favourite spot – Your shoes. Although there is antidote for its venom but if not given on time, its venom can kill human.
22. Komodo Dragon
Most Dangerous Animals
You are very lucky that these large species of lizard are only confined to the islands of Indonesia else there would have been an epidemic of Human Deaths by Komodo dragons. They have sharp teeth and nails which helps them fleshing out their prey. They are also known for attacking human and even eating them.
21. Stonefish
Most Dangerous Animals
What makes stonefish more dangerous? The fact that they are the most venomous fish known or the fact that they can camouflage very well and you might mistook them as another stone. Whatever the case may be but if a human is stung by stonefish then there are very rare chances of escape from death. There are many known incidents of stonefish attacks. Even though they are dangerous but guess what, they are popular food in Japan.
20. Rhinoceros
Most Dangerous Animals
Rhinos are the second largest land mammal and its easy to get scared from their looks. Poachers have been hunting them for years for their horns and that’s a sad thing. They do not get enraged but if you made them angry then better run for your life. Despite their weight, Rhino are quick sprinters and can easily catch and KILL their prey.
19. Siafu Ants
Most Dangerous Animals
Don’t go on their size. There is hardly anything that Siafu or Driver Ants can’t eat. They march in armies and tear apart everything that comes into their way. Siafu ant presents perfect example of how unity is powerful and they usually march with an army of around 50 million. That is more than enough to tear down a fully furnished house.
18. African Elephant
Most Dangerous Animals
Even though African Elephants are vegetarian and very intelligent animal species, but can you imagine how deadly they would have been if they were meat eaters. They do not attack human on general but if a poacher makes them angry then they became a destruction machine.
17. Boomslang
Most Dangerous Animals
Boomslang would pass by if you do not threaten them. But dare you threaten them and you will be running for your life. Boomslang are shy in nature and they attack when threatened. A bite of Boomslang will clot the blood and victim will die due to internal as well as external bleeding.
16. Deathstalker Scorpion
Most Dangerous Animals
You can imagine the fear of this creature from the fact that it is named DeathStalker. More than 75% deaths by scorpion in the world are caused by this little yellow colored dude. They are mostly found in North Africa and Central Asia. Their victims die of a painful death.
15. Hippopotamus
Most Dangerous Animals
Dare you make fun of these huge creatures and you will witness an enraged animal that can destroy even a truck with ease. Hippos weight up to 1.5 tonnes and they are Herbivorous. However they have very moody behaviour and they can attack you even if you were just minding your own business and passing by.
14. Cape buffalo
Most Dangerous Animals
Most people don’t get scared of the Cape buffalo’s because of two things. First they are buffalos, which most people of Asian and African countries often see them in neighbourhood. Secondly they are herbivorous. But Cape buffalo deserve respect because they can kill anyone with their horns and brute force. In fact they account to most human deaths by animals in Africa.
13. Blue Ringed Octopus
Most Dangerous Animals
The victims of Blue Ringed octopus dies a very horrible and painful death. Blue ringed octopus is merely 20 cm long (size of hockey ball) but is so dangerous that it literally should be painted in danger sign by Mother Nature. But instead Nature decided to make them beautiful and attractive. A Bite of Blue Ringed Octopus paralyses the body of victim. However the sadder part is that the victim is well aware of its surroundings but he/shecan is not able to move its body parts. In fact in few minutes the victim will not even be able to breath due to paralyses.
12. Poison Dart Frog
Most Dangerous Animals
Poison Dart Frog is available in several beautiful colours but no matter how appealing they look DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Poison Dart flog have a poisonous skin and just a mere touch can inject the venom in you. The venom of this frog has Batrachotoxin whose one drop can kill 10 human beings.
11. Polar Bear
Most Dangerous Animals
Polar Bear are Apex predators. Even though they look cute and cuddly to many people but they are very aggressive in nature. These beautiful creatures are among the deadliest animals on planet. They are confined only to the North pole but still they are known for killing human who came close enough.
10. Saltwater Crocodile
Most Dangerous Animals
The T-rex may have long gone from the earth but if you want to witness the pain of T-Rex bite then you should see a saltwater crocodile hunting its prey. They have such powerful teeth that they can pierce through a solid steel so easily as if it was piece of paper. Added to this sheer power and pressure is their aggressive nature. They get enraged of anything and can attack without any prior indication. Also they love to eat sharks and cape buffalos.
9. Cone Snail
Most Dangerous Animals
Cone Snails have more than 600 sub species with different level of venom in them. The most dangerous of them is Conus Geographus which is infamously called as Cigarette Snail. This is because, once bit, the victim will have only enough time to smoke a cigarette. They are dangerous because they are found on shallow shore and looks very attractive due to their colourful shell.
8. Tiger
Most Dangerous Animals
Tiger is probably the most popular predator on our planet. It is because Tiger strictly means business. They do not fool around their prey and are merciless. Even lion tamers have claimed that they can win trust of a Lion but never of a tiger. Tigers have attacked human beings in past and are apex predators.
7. Puffer Fish
Most Dangerous Animals
Even though they are the most poisonous vertebrate in the world yet they are consumed as food in countries like Japan, Korea and China. Only trained chef (with licences) are allowed to cook puffer fish because they know which part to cook and in which quantity. Most puffer fish victims are those who eat it. Most organs of Puffer fish are poisonous including skin, liver and heart. A Victim of Puffer fish venom dies due to paralysis.
6. Black Mamba
Most Dangerous Animals
Black Mamba is one of the most poisonous snakes on the planet. It is known for its highly aggressive nature and it may attack without any provocation. In Africa it is one of the most feared animals.
5. Great White Shark
Most Dangerous Animals
Long before Steven Spielberg showed the world how deadly great white sharks could be, these beasts were already getting infamous for claiming hundreds of lives. They actually bite and chew anything that comes there way. From tires to Humans, they show no difference. It is probably the oldest surviving species on planet and it is supposed to survive even after human race is gone.
4. Carpet Viper
Most Dangerous Animals
The Victim of Carpet Viper’s bite does not die on the spot but actually dies in days and sometimes weeks. There is no antidote of Carpet viper’s bite and it amounts to more than 50% of snake related human deaths in the world.
3. Box Jellyfish
Most Dangerous Animals
Catching Jellyfish is the most favourite hobby of Sponge bob and Patrick Star but do not be like them. In fact pray to god that you never ever come closer to a Box Jellyfish. They are among the most venomous animals on planet. But its not just this title that makes them dangerous. They are hard to spot and they are aggressive as well. A death by Box Jellyfish is described as stung by thousand scorpions with simultaneous electrocution. Many scientists even claimed it to be the most painful death in the world.
2. African Lion
Most Dangerous Animals
African Lion are considered to be more power predators than tigers. Although they like to spend most of their day sleeping and let the lioness do all the hunting but once provoked they can tear apart any enemy.
1. Mosquitos
Most Dangerous Animals
Most of you might feel disappointed by the number one spot. But Mosquitos are actually the most dangerous animal on our planet. They are the major carriers of diseases and it is because of them that most disease get viral. It is impossible to tell the number of human deaths caused by mosquitos but they surely have claimed most human lives as compared to any other animal in the world. This is why they are the deadliest animals on the planet.

The danger parameter on this list is kept according to human point of view. But if we actually make a global list of deadliest animals than we human beings are surely the most dangerous animals. All animals listed above are deadly but there is no single animal in the world that we haven’t killed (including these dangerous animals). We humans are murder machine who in fact kill our own brothers and sisters. They above animals attack when threatened or in rare cases Hungry, but we kill each other for no reason at all. It is because of us that there is no single day passes on earth that is totally peaceful.

Who do you think is the most dangerous animals of all time and why?