Top 65 Most Famous People Ever (2017 Edition)

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Google releases a list of Most famous people in the world annually. But Who are the most famous people of all time? Here are 65 most famous people of history.

When you look up for the list of most famous people, then google often shows most searched celebrities. The most searched people are different from the most famous person in manner that most searched people are momentarily popular while the most famous person ever are, well forever famous. Ed Gein is one of the most searched people on Internet, So is the Perron family while people like Plato, Einstein are popular forever and ever. Their popularity was passed on from generations and they were popular even when there was no google.

Here we have selected 65 most popular people of planet earth. You will find people of ancient times to people of modern era, but remember we have chosen only those people who had huge impact on the world and the culture. So here are 65 most famous people ever:

Most Famous People All Time

65. Usain Bolt
Most Famous People
He is the Fastest Man on earth.
64. J.R.R. Tolkien
Most Famous People
JRR Tolkien was the writer of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy.
63. Stephen Hawking
Most Famous People
He is a Miracle of God.
62. Wright Brothers
Most Famous People
Wright Brothers were the scientist duo that invented modern airplane.
61. CS Lewis
Most Famous People
He was the British Novelist who Wrote Chronicles of Narnia.
60. Anne Frank
Most Famous People
She became international celebrity posthumously after her diary came into lime light. She shared her views and her life during World War 2 in Germany.
59. Alfred Hitchcock
Most Famous People
His movies are cult classics and there is no movie of Hitchcock that was not loved by fans.
58. Michael Jackson
Most Famous People
He is called as the King of Pop and the best singer, best dancer ever.
57. Steve Jobs
Most Famous People
He was the tech Genius who founded apple and became the greatest entrepreneur of all time.
56. Ronald Reagan
Most Famous People
US President who was known for his work against drugs and poverty, He received 68% approval ratings.
55. Babe Ruth
Most Famous People
The greatest Baseball player of All time.
54. Audrey Hepburn
Most Famous People
She is probably the most beautiful actress of all time. She was more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe. Period.
53. Sigmund Freud
Most Famous People
He was Neurologist who is known for his work in human psychology.
52. Cleopatra
Most Famous People
The queen of Egypt who was known for unmatched beauty.
51. Jesse Owens
Most Famous People
The most celebrated athlete of Olympics.
50. Coco Chanel
Most Famous People
She became the synonym of fashion when she launched the Chanel brand. She is arguably the greatest business woman of modern time.
49. Oscar Wilde
Most Famous People
He is known for his poems and essays.
48. Henry Ford
Most Famous People
He Founded Ford Motors and is considered as the father of modern automobile industry.
47. Michael Jordon
Most Famous People
One of the greatest Athletes ever and is the greatest basketball player of all time.
46. Fidel Castro
Most Famous People
He ruled Cuba for more than 5 decades and his ideas of Marxism spread through the world.
45. Malcolm X
Most Famous People
He fought for civil rights and equality.
44. Pele
Most Famous People
Arguably the greatest footballer ever, No matter you are fan of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or Neymar Jr.
43. John Lennon
Most Famous People
John lennon is considered as the greatest lyricist and one of the greatest singer of all time.
42. Barack Obama
Most Famous People
The first African American President of United States actually brought change in whole world.
41. Peter Sellers
Most Famous People
He is known for his brilliant acting skills, often playing multiple roles in the same film.
40. Dalai Lama
Most Famous People
He is spreading peace in the world since 1950s and is among the most respected people on the globe.
39. Walt Disney
Most Famous People
He founded the Disney company which is not among the most profitable companies in the world.
38. Rosa Parks
Most Famous People
She refused to give up her seat to a white male and became the face of fight against racism.
37. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Most Famous People
Franklin won record four presidential elections and served the country as President thrice.
36. Pope John Paul II
Most Famous People
He was pope for 27 years and during his time he spread message of peace and equality.
35. Ludwig Van Beethoven
Most Famous People
Even though he was deaf but still he composed miraculous music that is unmatched even today.
34. Thomas Edison
Most Famous People
Edison is known for patenting thousands of inventions, most notably the light bulb.
33. Leo Tolstoy
Most Famous People
He Wrote timeless classics and is regarded as the greatest author of recent times.
32. Queen Victoria
Most Famous People
Under her rule British Empire expanded almost all over the globe. She favoured industrialization.
31. Louis Pasteur
Most Famous People
He saved millions of lives by discovering principles of Pasteurization and vaccination.
30. Vincent Van Gogh
Most Famous People
The greatest Painter ever lived.
29. Plato
Most Famous People
He was taught by a genius (Socrates) and He Taught a Genius (Aristotle).
28. Pablo Picaso
Most Famous People
His paintings holds a deep meaning and he was the advocate of modern art.
27. Queen Elizabeth II
Most Famous People
She is the longest reigning queen in the world and she will be remembered as the queen of new world.
26. Charles Darwin
Most Famous People
He gave the theory of evolution which was not accepted by many religions but was a breakthrough for science.
25. Elvis Presley
Most Famous People
The King of Rock and Roll was the greatest pop star music has ever seen. No one can match his stature.
24. Marilyn Monroe
Most Famous People
Marilyn Monroe is called as the personification of beauty. Even though she left us decades ago yet she is admired for her beauty.
23. Paul McCartney
Most Famous People
The one fourth of The Beatles proved to be a true musician and he is regarded as the top artist ever.
22. Winston Churchill
Most Famous People
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill led Great Britain out of World war and made the nation great again.
21. Albert Einstein
Most Famous People
Einstein is sighted as the most intelligent person ever born and his theories are still hard to understand.
20. Margaret Thatcher
Most Famous People
Known as The iron lady, She was the First (and the only) female prime minister of Great Britain.
19. Christopher Columbus
Most Famous People
He is credited for European Colonisation of New World. He discovered America.
18. Mother Teresa
Most Famous People
Mother Teresa lived for humanity and she died for humanity. She was arguably the greatest woman ever born.
17. John F Kennedy
Most Famous People
JFK was killed in 1963 but he had such charismatic personality that he is still alive in our thoughts.
16. Bill Gates
Most Famous People
The richest man on earth is also one of the biggest philanthropists. He is the idol of thousands of entrepreneur around the globe.
15. Muhammad Ali
Most Famous People
The Champ died in 2016 but he achieved so much in his life that other people can only dream of it. He was the greatest athlete ever.
14. Martin Luther King
Most Famous People
Lucky are those who witnessed Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speeches and views. Martin inspired a million of people (irrespective of race).
13. Nelson Mandela
Most Famous People
Mandela is now regarded as a symbol of peace and equality. He spent 27 years in jail but his ideas will spend thousands of years in humanity.
12. Abraham Lincoln
Most Famous People
The Great Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery and united the 50 states during civil war. The USA we know today might have been turned into fossils if there was no Lincoln.
11. Sir Isaac Newton
Most Famous People
Newton is so famous that every kid knows about his ‘Fallen Apple’ tale. Though the story is modified but it is true that we would have never stepped on moon if there was no Newtonian Physics.
10. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
Most Famous People
There is a saying that Leonardo Da Vinci was 400 years ahead of his time. He was a true artist, scientist and philosopher. A Man with such qualities is born once in thousand years.
9. William Shakespeare
Most Famous People
Shakespeare was the one who penned down the story telling techniques of modern literature and had a huge impact on thousands of authors in the coming centuries.
8. Adolf Hitler
Most Famous People
Even though he did unforgettable crimes to humanity but there is no denying in the fact that evil gets famous too.
7. Mahatma Gandhi
Most Famous People
The father of Nation (India) is regarded as a saint by millions today. He followed the rules of non-violence and truth.
6. Paul the Apostle of Tarsus
Most Famous People
If there was no Paul, then we might not have learned about Jesus and his sacrifices. Paul introduced Christianity to the world.
5. Gautama Buddha
Most Famous People
Gautama Buddha was born in India but his influence spread across the sea and that too in the times when there were no airplanes and trains. Buddha founded Buddhism and it is probably the most peaceful religion in the world.
4. Moses
Most Famous People
Moses broke the chain of slaves and took them to freedom (roughly 4000 years ago) and left a mark on the world. His ten commandments teaches the meaning of life.
3. Abraham
Most Famous People
Today religions are divided into two parts Abrahamic (Islam, Christianity) and Non-Abrahamic (Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism). Abraham is considered as the first prophet sent by lord.
2. Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh
Most Famous People
Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) founded the religion of peace and happiness in ancient ages. Today Islam is the second most followed religion.
1. Jesus Christ
Most Famous People
The founder of Christianity tops the list of most searched people on Google. Jesus is so important (and famous) that we divided Human time line in two parts BC and AD in respect to him.

This list is under construction as we wish to add more people in the list. However, we need a people’s poll for that. We ask you to add the name of the person in the comment section (below) who according to you is very popular.

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  • Plato seriously
    How about George Washington

  • Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh

  • What to learn from this list: you are unlikely to become historically famous for being altruistic or intelligent, so being a total POS is the way to go for most people. Just look at the number of terrible people on here:
    – T. Edison. All he did was steal inventions from other people, screwing over many more capable inventors and ruining their lives in the process.
    – R. Reagan. Just look at the idiotic and racist state of America right now (and their mass incarceration problem). Blame that on Reagan and his fanatical republican worshipers.
    – Mother Theresa. A racist colonialist and scam artist who is only seen in a good light because of the catholic church’s advertising campaign. Her sins include: forced conversion, questionable relations with dictators, gross mismanagement, and bad medical care.
    – Jesus, Muhammed, Abraham, Paul, etc. Caused their terribly violent and idiotic religions to spread across the globe, causing the murder of countless millions of people and still holding back the intellectual progress of humanity.
    – Fidel Castro. Duh
    – Michael Jackson. Pedo.
    – Hitler. Duh.

    The list goes on.. Point being, if you aren’t a spectacular person, be the most grand POS you can be and you will likely fulfill your desire for fame.

  • Marilyn Monroe is on this list, but not Aristotle?

  • I’m no nazi lover or anything, but Adolf Hitler is probably one of the most well known people ever due to what he did, and it will be like that for a long time. So I believe he should take the number 3 spot. Think about it: ask anyone who Hitler is, and they’ll know.

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