Top 30 Most Popular Blogs on the Internet 2017

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If you are looking for some inspirational and interesting blogs on internet then you have come at right place. Here is the list of 30 most popular blogs in the world that cover topics like lifestyle, fashion, beauty, parenting, seo and movies.

Blogging has become a mainstream profession lately. Believe it or not but it is currently among the most popular career option. In early 2000s no body thought that blogging would be so popular and even by end of 2000s only few thousand bloggers made serious career in blogging. But now blogging is one of the most popular career option in the world. Here are 30 most popular blogs in the world that actually led to the boom in blogging:

Most Popular Blogs 2017

30. ShoutMeLoud
most popular blogs
This award winning blog was founded by Harsh Aggarwal in 2008 and since the it has become the most popular blog in India. In fact many new and young bloggers in India cite ShoutMeLoud’s success that inspired them to be bloggers.
29. Babble
most popular blogs
Babble.com is strictly dedicated to everything related to Pregnancy and parenting. This blog explores various topics related to pregnancy and parenting and is quiet a hit among parents and new moms. Also this blog is courtesy of Disney Entertainment. This tells how much popular and worth-reading this blog is.
28. Copyblogger
most popular blogs
Want to Become Internet Marketer? Then Copyblogger.com can surely help you to learn every bit of internet marketing. The blog is more than a decade old and focuses on various topics ranging from SEO to internet marketing.
27. Problogger
most popular blogs
Many claim Darren Rowsie’s Problogger to be the first blog that became a worldwide sensation and inspired thousands of people to start career in Blogging. Though Problogger(founded in 2004) is not as popular as it used to be but it hasn’t lost its audience yet and is still growing.
26. BoingBoing
most popular blogs
BoingBoing is a group blog which is managed by hundreds of people and the content shared on this blog range from science and technology to politics and entertainment.
25. Labnol
most popular blogs
Amit Aggarwal was an IIT graduate working for a MNC before starting this blog back in 2004. Labnol.org is became a huge success by the end of 2000s and Amit Aggarwal came to be known as the first Indian blogger. He along with Harsh Aggarwal are the most popular bloggers in India.
24. Fail Blog
most popular blogs
FailBlog is based on the popular internet Phenomenon of ‘Fail’ attempts where people are shown for trying to do something cool but fail to do so. FailBlog is popular for its unique section of funny pictures and memes.
23. Hot Air
most popular blogs
HotAir is a news blog and due toits take on journalism, HotAir has turned out to be one of the most popular blog on internet.
22. The Blaze
most popular blogs
TheBlaze.com is another popular News Blog that focuses mostly on entertainment and politics related news. It was founded in 2011 and in a spawn of just 5 years it turned out to be a huge hit.
21. Zero Hedge
most popular blogs
I love this blog in particular because it is written by my favourite movie character TYLER DURDEN. Even though it is a economics and finance related blog (about which I have less knowledge and interest) yet its humorous takes on various topics make it quiet popular.
20. Think Progress
most popular blogs
ThinkProgress is a innovative blog that focus on topics like Economy and Politics. It has wide range of readers and has very good social base.
19. SB Nation
most popular blogs
SBnation is a blog that is specifically dedicated to sports. It focuses on various sports such as Hockey, football, Basketball, baseball and Tennis.
18. The Verge
most popular blogs
The Verge was founded in 2011 and now it ranks among the top 1000 websites in the world. The Verge mainly focuses on topics related to science, art and culture.
17. Autoblog
most popular blogs
If you have interest in automobile industry then Autoblog is the best source for you to stay updated about latest news on popular cars and bikes.
16. Drudgereport
most popular blogs
Matt Drudge founded DrudgeReport in 1995 and it mainly focused on topics related to conservative politics. Many people know it as the first blog that broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal story.
15. Kotaku
most popular blogs
Finally a Bog that many would love and admire, Kotaku is a gaming blog and is part of Gawker media. Kotaku was launched in 2004 and ever since it is reporting about all the popular games that you can play online or on your favourite gaming consoles.
14. Deadspin
most popular blogs
Deadspin is sports related blog that not only covers news about various sports but also follows the life of popular sportsperson.
13. Jezebel
most popular blogs
Jezebel is a celebrity news blog that mainly focuses on fashion models , musicians and Hollywood.
12. Cheezburger
most popular blogs
Cheezburger is one of those rare blogs that makes internet memes profitable. It shares images of animals in context with any current event thus creating an entertaining post.
11. Engagdet
most popular blogs
The main reason of engadget’s popularity is because of the fact that it is available in many languages. It is often ranked among the most popular technology blogs on internet.
10. Perez Hilton
most popular blogs
Perez Hilton founded this blog on his own name and never thought that it would be so popular. It is a Paparazzi blog that shares unseen pictures of popular celebrities and also shares latest news about them. Interestingly this blog alone has made Perez Hilton a celebrity among the celebrities.
9. Tech Crunch
most popular blogs
You daily dose of technology and gadgets related news could be easily filled up with TechCrunch. Techcrunch is often praised for its clean and easy to navigate design.
8. The Daily Beast
most popular blogs
The Daily Beast was actually a weekly newspaper in the past but later on it turned into a daily news blog and since then it is one of the most followed news blog on internet. It is part of Newsweek.

7. Gawker
most popular blogs
Gawker Media’s official blog handles almost all the topics and publish every thing that could be a potential news. It is one of the most visited blog in the world.
6. Lifehacker
most popular blogs
Lifehacker is a must follow blog. As the name suggest this is a blog that gives tips and tricks on various day to day problems related to health, technology and ofcourse life. Lifehacker is also available as an app on Google Playstore.
5. Gizmodo
most popular blogs
Gizmodo tagline is We Come from the future and justifying its tagline, Gizmodo shares news about all the latest and upcoming gadgets. This make it one of the coolest blog on internet.
4. Mashable
most popular blogs
Mashable has one of the largest social base for a blog in the world. It writes and shares news about all the topics that you can think of.
3. Business Insider
most popular blogs
As the name suggest BusinessInsider is a popular blog on Business and Economy. It shares many tips on various small and medium scale businesses.
2. TMZ
most popular blogs
TMZ is probably the most popular celebrity news website on internet. It was founded in 2005 and since then it has become leading website for celebrity and entertainment news.
1. Huffington Post
most popular blogs
HuffingtonPost is a news aggregator blog and has been leading the internet since past 10 years. Earlier it focused only on political news but later on it started covering various topics and now it is among the top 100 websites in the world.

Which blog do you follow and which blog do you think is inspirational blog?

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