Top 100 Best Baby Girl Names (2017)
We tried to not to include any unisex baby girl names in this list of best baby girl names in 2017. Most of these baby girl names are unique and popular. Ever since Game of thrones became successful the rise in the trend of naming Baby girls on the GOT characters was enormous. The name…

Top 60 Best Paid Android Apps
Here is our pick of 60 best paid android apps. These apps are not free on google play store but these are surely must have paid android apps. The android operating system has provided such wide area of experimentation for programmers that every now and then we are introduced with amazing apps. Some of them… (1 comment)

Top 60 Best Paid Android Games 2017
Here is the 2017 edition of the best paid android games ever. Of course you have to pay for these android games on google play store but they are worth it. Android platform become so popular because it gave the game developers an advantage of developing better and more interactive games. People were no longer…

Top 100 Best Albums Of All Time
What are the best albums of all time? Hundreds of albums are released every year ranging from pop albums to rock albums to hip hop albums but only few make it to the list of best albums ever. Producing an album is not an easy task. Specially if you are working with a band. You… (1 comment)

Top 70 Greatest Kings Of All Time
Who are the greatest kings of history? There were many great rules born but it is difficult to pick up the greatest kings of all time. Before the Internet era, the word great was only used for the great Pharaohs, Emperors, Generals and Kings. The never ending hunger of Power has resulted in many deadliest…

Top 100 Greatest Athletes in The World
We may never be able to call one athlete as the greatest athletes of all time.Ever since the world of sports commercialized, people start taking sportsperson as serious people who are not only pursuing career in sports but just like other individuals, are trying to be the best in their game. Its hard to track… (1 comment)

Top 95 Largest Cities in the World (2017)
In 2017, Tokyo is the largest city in the world by population. But do you know largest cities in the world by area? Here is the list of biggest cities in the world (Including cities of US, Europe,Africa and Russia). The definition of largest cities vary from country to country and sometimes with in a…

Top 100 Best Banks In the World
This list includes best banks in the world in 2017. These are the 100 best banks for checking accounts, saving accounts and for students. The financial crisis of late 2000s took down many well-known banks with it. The previously thought safe and secure banks took a dip into the financial crisis and were never able… (1 comment)