Top 30 Worst Serial Killers (2017)

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20.Louay Omar Mohammed al-Taei – Iraq (43 Victims)
Serial Killers
Louay was a war motivated serial killer. He was a well known surgeon who turned to the dark side after he joined the rebellion group of Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna. He would kill war soldiers and policemen during treatment. He was caught in 2006.
19. Wang Qiang – China (45 Victims)
Serial Killers
Wang Qiang was active from 1995 to 2003. During this period he murdered 45 people, most among them were young girls who were raped before murder. After killing them he went on to rape their dead bodies. He was executed in 2005.
18. Alexander Pichushkin – Russia (48 Victims)
Serial Killers
Alexander Pichushkin wanted to be the ‘greatest serial killer’ of Russia and wanted to surpass Andrei Chikatlio death counts. He suffered a serious head injury when he was a kid. It affected his mental ability and he was bullied by his schoolmates as a retard. However his grandfather took him under his protection and he really had a positive effect on Pichushkin. He taught Pichushkin to play chess and it was at this time that he developed a strong fondness towards the game. He was an excellent player of the game. Things went downhill when his grandfather died. This led Pichushkin to become a heavy drinker which further led to his murderous habits. He killed his first victim while playing chess. Later on he developed a habit of killing his unsuspected victims from behind with a stroke of hammer. He would often pour his vodka into the spilt open skull of his victim. What scares more about Alexander is that he requested the judge to increase his victim count to 64 as this was number of squares on a chess board.
17. Gary Ridgway – United States (49 Victims)
Serial Killers
Gary Ridgway was called as the most prolific serial killer of United States after he was found guilty of near about 50 murders. Born in 1949, Gary married thrice but all ended in divorce. He later turned to crime in early 1980s. He developed a habit of murdering young women and underage girls and disposing there body in green river. Not only this but he confessed that he would come back to rape the dead bodies of his victims. Gary confessed of killed nearly 90 victims but only 49 were confirmed. His modus operandi for murder was $ex.
16. Bruno Ludke – Germany (51 Victims)
Serial Killers
Bruno Ludke might be a controversial serial killer in the list. This is because police was unable to find any evidence against him. Bruno was a mentally disable man who was active in Nazi Germany. Even though he was aware of his surroundings but he was never able to answer simple questions and behaved strangely to normal things. Bruno was caught while stealing in a store. He was also reported by several women as a peeping tom. When a local woman died under unknown circumstances, Bruno came forward and admitted of killing her and stealing her purse. He was convicted for 51 murders.
15. Anatoly Onoprienko – Ukraine (52 Victims)
Serial Killers
Here is a Serial Killer who is nicknamed as The Terminator. Anatoly murdered more than 50 people in his life. His motivation was the rage that he developed in himself due to his father’s negligence. Anatoly would rob houses but he has one rule that whomsoever house he is going to rob he will not leave a single person alive in that house. He would often break into the house of people and will first kill the male then the wife and at last the children.
14. Andrei Chikatilo – Russia (53 Victims)
Serial Killers
Andrei Chiktalio was active during the Soviet Union era and he was inspired from the famous serial killer – Jack the Ripper. He was dubbed as Rostov Ripper. Even though he was a remorseless killer but it might surprise you that he was a well-educated men who loved reading books. Also he served in the army and after that started his career as a School Teacher. It was at this time that he started committing murders and molesting children. Andrei’s life has inspired many movies all over the world. He was executed in 1994.
13. Abul Djabar – Afghanistan (65 Victims)
Serial Killers
Abul djabar was dubbed as the turban killer of Afghanistan. He was a wannabe serial killer and raped and murdered more than 65 people. He would strangle them with turban while raping them. He used the same turban to murder them. He was clever enough to escape the scene of crime and due to this government misidentified two innocent men and hanged them. He was hanged in 1970.
12. Yang Xinhai – China (67 Victims)
Serial Killers
Yang was called as the Monster Killer of China. He was no less than a nightmare. This is because of the brutalization of his crimes. Yang was a shy kid born in a poor family but his stance for life changed when he dropped out of school at the age of 17. Yang would break into the house of victim and kill all the family after raping the women of the house. He killed more than 65 people in his life. He was shot dead in 2004.
11. Kampatimar Shankariya – India (70 Victims)
Serial Killers
Born in 1952, Kampatimar became the most notorious serial killer of India. Kampatimar was active between 1977 and 1978. During this period he killed more than 70 people by mercilessly beating them with a hammer. During his confession he said that he wanted to be the most known serial killer in India and said that he do not want anyone to be like him.

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