Top 30 Worst Serial Killers (2017)

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10. Pedro Rodrigues Filho – Brazil (71 Victims)
Serial Killers
Pedro Filho might have considered himself as the Robin-hood of serial killers. This is because most of his murders were revenge oriented. He attempted his first murder at the age of 14 when he murdered the person who insulted his father. This started a killing spree where he would kill anyone who would insult him or his loved ones. Filho fall in love with a woman but she was murdered by a gang. Guess What Filho did? He murdered all the gang members. He was not even 18 at that time. Filho later killed his own father because his father murdered his mother. Not only has this but he also chewed his heart. Filho spent jail time for this but you know what he did. He killed more than 40 inmates in Jail. Filho was released from jail in 2007 and currently lives in North of Brazil.
9. Daniel Camargo Barbosa – Colombia (72 Victims)
Serial Killers
Looks like Colombia is home for serial killers. This country has a shocking ratio of population per serial killer. Daniel Camargo Barbosa was one among the several prolific serial killers in the country. He fell in love with another woman while he was already married. However he found out that his lover is not v!rgin so he forced her to find young and v!rgin girls for her. He raped 5 girls with the help of her lady friend but did not kill them. He was caught when the girls reported about his crime. He was released due to good behaviour. But he was not able to mend his ways and this time he not only raped but killed his victim. Police soon caught him and he was deported to Gorgona Prison. But Daniel was able to escape prison in 1984 and ran to Ecuador. There he went on to kill 80 young girls. Most of them were young, helpless and looking for jobs. His victims were mostly below 16 and this monster after killing the young girls even sold their valuables at cheap price on streets. He died in 1994 at the age of 64.
8. Javed Iqbal – Pakistan (74 Victims)
Serial Killers
This prolific Pakistani Serial Killer went on to kill more than 70 kids ranging age in between 6 to 16. Javed usually encountered his victims on the roads of Lahore. His victims were homeless or runaway children. He will assure them safety and food and take them back to his place. There he would assault them [email protected] and then murder them. After that he will dismember their organs and dispose them with hydrochloric acid. Some claims that he may have eaten his victims. Javed confessed of his crimes to a local newspaper due to the guilt he felt. Pakistan Jurisdiction took the decision of hanging him in front of victim’s parents and then cutting his body in 100 pieces and dissolving it in HCL acid. Horrified by this decision, Javed and his accomplice hanged themselves in 2001.
7. Delfina and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez – Mexico (91 Victims)
Serial Killers
Look at these two sisters just ‘chilling’ after killing more than 90 people. The Gonzalez sisters ran a crime syndicate that involved pr0stitution and dru9 trafficking. There were actually 4 sisters who ran the br0thel but only two were caught and trialled. Gonzalez sisters had a strict working pattern. They would list an advertisement in classified section of newspapers stating that they are looking for beautiful housemaids. When poor girls showed up they would force fed them drugs. After the girls become addicted to it they would force them into pr0stitution. They killed 80 girls on the basis of losing customers and murdered 11 men who showed up with huge money. Other than this they also killed fetuses of unborn children. They served 40 years in jail. If that does not sicken you then may be the fact that they hold world record in committing most murders in partnership. I wonder if that turns out into a trend.
6. Steven Massof – United States (100 Victims)
Serial Killers
You might not find Steven Massof in many lists of serial killers available on internet. This is because he killed infants on the order of superior people. But did you noticed? He Murdered Infants. Who could go on to kill a baby A NEW BORN BABY? A Devil Maybe. Steven is responsible for killing more than 100 new born babies by snipping their spine. Read Again and Your body will shiver.
5. Miyuki Ishikawa – Japan (103 Victims)
Serial Killers
Those are true monsters who kills little kids and babies. Monster is probably small word for Miyuki Ishikawa, the most prolific female serial killer in the world. Miyuki was a midwife and her story might depress you for a long time. Miyuki worked as midwife in Kotobuki maternal hospital in 1940s. She was married but never bore a child. Probably this led to her hatred toward other parents. As 1940s was tough time for Japan (Hirsoshima and Nagasaki, remember) so many parents were not able to afford kids. This led to increase in unwanted children. Miyuki provided the ‘solution’ to this problem. She took fair sum of expenses from parents for raising their unwanted child in her hospital. However, instead of caring for the little babies, she neglected them and left them crying all day and all night. The babies died due to malnutrition. Can you imagine Hiyuki (and her nurse staff) sitting in the room next to crying (and some dead) babies? You know what she paid for her crimes? 4 years in prison and also her deeds forced government to legalize abortion in Japan.
4. Pedro Lopez – Colombia (110 Victims)
Serial Killers
Look here we got a Guinness Book world record holder for most prolific murders. The story of Pedro Lopez questions less on his character but more on our society. Is it we who bring out the sadistic animal of a man or is there anything like natural born killers? Pedro Lopez did fantasize his sister when he was young but when his mother found out about him she disowned him. This led to the cross country journey of Pedro as 8 year old boy. He was raped and even gang raped multiple times during his childhood. Probably this is where Pedro got his motivation for spree killing. The monstrous killer went on to kill more than 300 girls in the country of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Pedro Lopez was caught and sent to Jail in 1980 (Ecuador). He spent 16 years in between Jail and Mental Hospital and was released due to ‘Good Behaviour’. But you know the old saying A Dog’s Tail Can Not be Straightened. Lopez was caught again in 2002 for fresh murders.
3. Luis Garavito – Colombia (138 Victims)
Serial Killers
When the whole world call a person ‘worst serial killer’ then you know how evil that person will be. Luis Garavito was no less than evil; in fact he might be devil incarnate himself. He raped and killed more than 300 boys. Government officials were able to find only 150 bodies but Luis himself admitted of killing three hundred children. He got the nickname of ‘Beast’ in his home country due to the horrific murders he committed. He is serving time now but interestingly he admitted to start a political career to help abused children once he gets out. Bravo.
2. Hu Wanlin – China (146 victims)
Serial Killers
The sad thing about serial killers is that they do not change even after being convicted. Hu Wanlin from China is perfect example of this. This sadistic serial killer was convicted and trial in 1980s but still he did not left his habits. He was a medical serial killer who killed nearly 146 people. He spent time in jail in early 90s but he started medical practice in Jail too. Not only this, but Hu was also convicted of human trafficking. Hu killed around 150 people and for this he got life imprisonment and 1.5 K Yuan fine. This is how most governments treat serial killers.
1. Harold Shipman – United Kingdom (218 Victims)
Serial Killers
A Blue collar serial killer is probably more sadistic then other serial killers especially if the serial killer is a doctor. Doctor Harold Shipman is probably the most sadistic serial killer in recent history. He was convicted of killing 15 of his patients but later on he accepted of killing near about 218 patients using various methods. His motive was unknown as he never confessed about his crime. Even more disturbing is that his family (four children and one wife) also denied about the conviction even after his case an open secret. Though he never confessed his crimes but many speculated that he has two motives either he wanted to revenge his mother’s death (who died natural death) or he wanted to get rich by modifying will of his patients before killing them. He was caught after he murdered Lawyer Angela Woodruff’s mother and transferred the will to his name.

Whose life story gave you chills? What tips you would like to give our readers to save themselves from such situations?