Top 30 Worst Serial Killers (2017)
The worst thing about serial killers is that most of them kill people just to get famous. Here we have listed 30 most famous serial killers of all time. It really disturbs an innocent mind to realize that this world is inhabited by evil serial killers and murderers whose main motive is to enjoy other’s…

10 Most Haunted Objects In The World
Many People claim to own possessed objects and try to sell them online. But they are not actually haunted objects at all. Here we list 10 most haunted objects in the world. Internet is a Weird Scary Place. You can easily find haunted items for sale on sites like eBay. Although most of them are… (1 comment)

Top 44 Most Popular Mythical Creatures of All Time
There is a huge list of mythical creatures that includes Greek mythical creatures, mythical sea creatures and humanoid mythical creatures.People considered many mythical creatures to be real. Mythology has introduced use to many weird and scary creatures that we often think if they ever existed or were imagination of a brilliant mind. Greek Mythology, Roman… (2 comments)