Top 50 Best Crossfit Girls 2017
You will be surprised to know that Crossfit has found immense popularity among women too. There are many crossfit girls active online who not only impress from their physique and health but also motivate other woman around the globe to try the tough regime of Crossfit. The Crossfit regimen was introduced by Gregg Glassman less… (0 comment)

Top 50 Male Fitness Models in 2017
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Top 50 Best Female Fitness Models in 2017
This list of best female fitness models will help you to achieve your fitness goals. One common New Year resolution is to have a better fitness with a proper workout and diet. Let’s be honest that it is easier for boys and men to find an ideal fitness trainer and model as compared to girls.… (0 comment)

Top 7 Best Blenders for Smoothies in 2017
One problem that every health enthusiast faces is finding best blenders for smoothies. According to one survey many people do not show interest in bodybuilding because of the cost involved in buying supplements and health equipment. But to be very honest it’s more about dedication and determination to achieve the best physique of your dreams.… (1 comment)

Top 50 Healthiest Foods In the World
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Top 17 Most Unhealthy Foods In the World
You won’t believe that the most unhealthy foods in the world are easily available at restaurants. These unhealthiest foods should be avoided not just by kids and pregnant woman but by all the people in the world. The commercialization of food market has affected our life in lot of ways. Most of these effects are… (0 comment)