Top 50 Best Open World Games (2017)
Open World Games have totally changed our perspective for video games. The linearity of video game was a big issue in 80s and 90s. Players were not able to roam freely in the virtual world and have to follow a certain set of rules so that the game can proceed. Popular video games such as… (0 comment)

Top 50 Best vLoggers on YouTube (2017)
PewDiePie, one of the most successful and best vlogger on youtube created buzz all around the globe in 2016 when he announced that he will delete his youtube channel once he reach 50 million subscribers. He did reach the target before Christmas and he did fulfil his promise. After being in news for more then… (0 comment)

Top 70 Most Popular Websites (2017)
There are many interesting websites on internet.It is impossible to pick the best website in the world.We have listed here 70 most popular websites in the world that you can check out right now. The internet is ever growing and ever entertaining. A survey stated that thousands of domain name are registered online. Internet is… (0 comment)

Top 100 Best Newspapers In US
Many best newspapers of america are not available online. Taking a look on the circulation and the total traffic on their official website,these are the 100 most popular newspapers in US. Before the big boom in IT sector, Newspapers were the best and most trust worthy sources for news. Even though now there are lots… (1 comment)

Top 100 Most Followed Instagram Accounts in 2017
Who has the most followers on instragram in 2017? What instagram user has the most followers? Here is the list of 100 most followed instagram account. Instagram Debuted on internet in 2010 and no one ever thought that a simple image sharing website with follow me formula would became so popular that even celebs will… (1 comment)

Top 100 Most Followed Twitter Accounts (2017)
Who has the most followers on twitter in 2017? Who is the most followed person on twitter? Here is the list of 100 most followed twitter accounts. Twitter was launched in 2006 as a micro blogging site where a person can write status in 140 characters or less. However, No one ever thought that twitter… (1 comment)

Top 100 Most Liked Facebook Pages (2017)
Ever Wondered who has the most likes on Facebook in 2017? Here is list of most liked facebook pages. This list of famous facebook fan pages is updated on a monthly basis. Facebook has become more of a popularity meter than of a social networking website. One can easily say that Mark Zuckerberg has invented… (0 comment)