Top 4 Town Hall 5 Attack Strategies in Clash Of Clans 2017

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At Town Hall 5 you can complete Single Player mission till ‘Fool’s Gold’. It is necessary that you complete the single player missions up to this level. Town Hall 5 will unlock spell factory and this means that your attack strategy will be stronger. Even though you can brew only one spell (Lightning spell) at this Town hall but it can help you in several loot missions. Also you can upgrade the Lightning spell to level 4 and you should do it as it will be crucial weapon in future attacks. You will unlock wizard at this town hall and another cool upgrade will be the army camps. You will get one more army camp and thus totaling your troop capacity to 135 plus 15 clan troops. Here are 4 best attack strategies for town hall 5 –

4. 12 Balloons 75 Archers –
Balloons below level 5 are not worth using. I added this strategy because Town hall 5 will have only one air defense and you will be matched with TH of same level (most of the times). Deploy Balloons in C shape. If the air defense of opponent is exposed then destroy it early hand with Archers. If it is well protected then deploy the balloons on the side where splash defenses (wizard tower and mortars) are placed. Once they are destroyed your archers can easily overcome other defenses and score 100%.
Town Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack Strategies
3. 12 Giants 16 Wizards 5 Wall Breakers 1 Archer –
This will be a costly army composition but I have included it here because you should learn deploying wizards as early as possible. They are one of the most loved troops in Clash of Clans and if you learn using wizards early hand then you can easily learn attack strategies like GOWIPE or GOVAWI at higher town halls.
Town Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack Strategies
2. 80 Barbarians 55 Archers –
You might not be able to score three stars with this strategy but this can surely help you to get good loot. You can change the combo 50 50% but I have got better results with the above mentioned combo. Deploy barbarians first and then archers. Archers will help to destroy defenses hiding behind walls while barbarians will work as tank.
Town Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack Strategies
1. 12 Giants 75 Archers with Clan Healer –
This attack strategy is best for Town Hall 4 and it is best on Town Hall 5 too. This is because there is only one Air Defense. Even though it can be upgraded to level 3 but still one can manage to destroy it. Do not deploy your giants in front of Air Defense. Use Archers to destroy it. Deploy Giants in front of either mortar or wizard tower. As soon as you deploy you giants drop the healer behind them. Deploy archers in C shape and they will help to destroy other buildings and also defenses along with giants. You can easily score 100% on any Town hall 5 base.
Town Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 5 Attack Strategies
So these were the 4 best army compositions for attack at Town Hall 5 in Clash of Clans 2017.