Top 6 Town Hall 6 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans 2017

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From Attack Point of view, nothing exciting happens at Town Hall 6 in Clash of Clans. There was a time when Clashers loved Town Hall 6 because of its unbeatable strategy of Giant Healer but that was pretty much put to restriction by adding an extra air defense in 2016. So now player wonder what is the best attack strategy for Town Hall 6 in clash of clans 2017? First of all let me give you one strong tip DO NOT RUSH TO TOWN HALL 7. You will be lured to move to next town hall as quickly as possible. There are several reasons for it. You get to unlock dragon in Barracks, You unlock dark barracks and Barbarians King. You get an additional army camp thus increasing your troop capacity to 200. This surely is tempting for new players. But I strongly advise you to not to move to town hall 7 until and unless your town hall 6 is maxed out. At Town hall 7, a more serious gameplay start as you have to loot the much protected dark elixir from strong bases. So enjoy your game at Town hall 6 as much as you can. You will be able to max out Town Hall 6 in around 20 days. Here we share with you the best attack strategies at Town Hall 6 –

6. 90 Barbarians, 60 Archers Plus 2 Light Spells –
BARCH strategy still works at town hall 6. Although you may not able to gain victory on any given base of same town hall but you will still be able to loot good amount of resources from it. Take Light spell instead of heal spell with BARCH. This is because Heal spell is useless on Barbarians and Archers. You can put the light spell on the mortar which is well protected. This way you will be able to fight the defenses of opponent much effectively. Do not deploy all your barbarians or archers in one go. You can deploy 15 barbarians in a vertical line and then 10 archers following them in C shape. Follow this method on all corners of the base and you will surely loot good amount from it.
Town Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack Strategies
5. 12 Giants, 20 Wizards, 5 Wallbreakers Plus 2 Heal Spell –
This attack is costly but very powerful. First check opponent clan if there is any troop then kill it off guard. After that deploy 12 Giants in One go followed by 3 to 4 wizards. The Giants will distract the defenses and you have to use the wizards to destroy the defenses that are busy attacking giants. Remember to use Heal Spell on Giants whenever there power is low. Also make way open for giants by using wall breakers. This strategy is costly but if you learned it perfectly at this stage then you will definitely be able to attack comfortably with GOWIPE and GOWIVA.
Town Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack Strategies
4. 12 Giants, 80 Archers, 5 Wallbreakers Plus 2 Heal Spell –
Light spell is useful during air attack and heal spell is useful in ground attack. This strategy is same as the Giant Wizard Strategy but here you have to deploy more archers to destroy defenses and extra buildings. You may not get as amazing result as the Giant wizard strategy but you will still be able to score a victory.
Town Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack Strategies
3. 12 Giants, 80 Barbarians, 5 Wall breakers and 2 Heal Spell –
This strategy is not as powerful as Giant Wizard or Giant Archers. This is because barbarian cannot attack over the walls like Archers. But it is a good option for attack. Just make sure there is no air unit in opponent clan castle or otherwise you are doomed.
Town Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack Strategies
2. 16 Balloons, 70 Archers and 2 Light Spell –
Use the light spell to destroy opponent Air Defense. If you have maxed out your light spell (to level 4) at this TH then you can easily destroy AD of level 1 with it. Now there are two ways for using this strategy. If Opponent has an exposed Air Defense then destroy it using archers. If the opponent has exposed mortar and wizard tower then destroy it using balloons. There are several IF and BUT in this strategy but it works in many cases.
Town Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack Strategies
1. 12 Giants, 90 Archers, 2 Heal Spell AND HEALER IN CLAN –
You can make your own healer too for this strategy but if you are in a high level clan than you will surely get a high level healer from your clanmates. If you do not want to go for Clan healer then you can make an army of 12 Giants, 76 Archers, 1 Healer and 2 Heal spell. The only hurdle in this strategy is Air Defense. Your opponent will be having 2 Air defense and if they are well protected then you have to use this strategy carefully. Use heal spell only when your healer is killed. Focus on destroying splash damage defenses (Mortars and Wizard Towers) with this strategy. You can clean up the rest of the base with your archers.
So these are the best attack strategy for Town Hall 6 in Clash of Clans 2017. Hog Rider, Healer and Dragon are the best troop that you can ask for donation from your clanmates.
Town Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 6 Attack Strategies
Which of these town hall 6 army composition have you tried? Share you clash of clans tips.